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Why work with an Umbrella Company

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What does an umbrella comparison service do?

It’s simple – we professionally vet umbrella companies to ensure everything is above board and we try to find the best fit for you.

How much do umbrella companies typically cost?

Fees can cost as little as £10 per week. All of the umbrella companies that we vet have transparent costing with no hidden extras and do not charge an exit fee.

How do you professionally vet the umbrella companies?

Through a combination of our own initial research, the testimonials of current clients and the PSLs of recruitment companies. We constantly monitor who is on our panel to maintain the integrity of our platform.

Why do contractors utilise umbrella companies?

They are the most time and cost effective approach to working as a contractor. No company running costs and no responsibilities. Access to employee statutory benefits: sick pay, maternity pay and state pension.

What should you consider when choosing an umbrella company?

Take into consideration: fees, your agency’s PSL, ease of access to contact if you have queries.

Why do you need my personal details?

Your details are used to contact you with your comparison results. We understand the importance of data safety – your data will never be sold or used for unsolicited contact.

Umbrella Companies in the UK


Over 5.8 million people
utilise umbrella
companies for their pay


Over 5.8 million people
utilise umbrella
companies for their pay


Over a third of freelancers
use umbrella companies
as their payroll solution.

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