Umbrella Companies for IT Contractors

Best umbrella companies for IT contractors

Being an IT contractor can feel liberating as a career.

You have the freedom to choose your projects, and shape your working life in a way that suits your circumstances.

While your focus is on the next job, you likely want to avoid the stress and hassle of drawing up invoices and spending more time than necessary on financial management.

That’s why there’s a growing number of people typing ‘best umbrella company for IT contractors’ into online search engines.

Best IT umbrella company
IT contractor umbrella companies

What is an Umbrella Company?

An umbrella company is a business that employs workers on fixed-term contract assignments. Indeed, before a recruitment agency can offer you a temporary role, it may ask you to be employed by one of its preferred umbrella companies. Alternatively, you may be able to choose your own.

That’s where Umbrella Tracker comes in.

Our team is informed by years of experience operating in the contracting marketplace, helping countless freelancers and IT contractors to find the most suitable payroll solution to meet their needs.

For personalised assistance when choosing an IT contractor umbrella company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert advisors at Umbrella Tracker.

At Umbrella Tracker, we can help IT contractors compare thousands of fully vetted umbrella companies in the UK.

We understand the importance of doing your research before you commit to an umbrella company, which is why we offer workers across the UK free, personalised umbrella company comparisons and unbiased advice.

Benefits to an IT contractor of choosing an umbrella company

As a freelancer, we understand you have options when it comes to managing your money.

Like with most working arrangements, the one you go with is largely dependent on both your personal and professional preferences.

However, there are plenty of compelling reasons why an IT contractor seeking temporary work should choose to be employed by an umbrella company.

They include:

  • Hassle-free way to contract – easy to join, and to leave, if your circumstances change
  • Flexibility to choose working arrangements – good if you complete lots of short-term contracts
  • Less paperwork – an umbrella company takes the administrative burden; you just need to submit timesheets as required
  • No need to complete self-assessment tax return – appropriate deductions are made when you’re paid in the same way as a salaried PAYE employee
  • Entitled to employee benefits – including holiday and sick pay, as well as maternity, paternity, and adoption leave
  • Provision of protections – insurance coverage can extend to professional indemnity, public liability, and employers’ liability insurance
  • Access to support and advice – the best IT contractor umbrella companies will have frontline experts able to answer questions or explain complex arrangements
Best IT umbrella company

How do I get paid as an IT contractor using an umbrella company?

Once employed by an IT contractor umbrella company, the payment process starts when your first week (or month) concludes and a timesheet signed off.

Usually, an umbrella company pays you after it receives funds from your recruitment agency.

Precisely when this is depends on how quickly your timesheet is processed, and can be affected by how promptly the client signs off your hours.

The best umbrella companies make an effort to understand your working arrangements, and will inform themselves about the expected timescales when it comes to getting paid.

Your point of contact should check with you to confirm the hours worked, and when you intend to submit your timesheet.

How Umbrella Tracker can help me to find the best umbrella company for me

As an IT contractor needing to find an umbrella company, it can feel daunting at the outset.

For that reason, we offer temporary workers across the UK free, personalised umbrella company comparisons, helping you to find the most suitable umbrella company to meet your specific requirements.

You can rest assured the umbrella companies we match you with have been fully vetted using our comprehensive assessment process which includes our own research, current client testimonials, and Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs) from recruitment companies.

Our list is also constantly monitored to ensure you only work with the most reliable, professional, and reliable businesses.
You should know that we discuss investments in payroll procedures and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with our umbrella providers, and only work with providers who are sufficiently staffed to take care of you – our clients.

To find out more about how umbrella companies work, the service we provide, or for a free comparison, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team of advisors today.

Alternatively, you can always discuss your options over the phone by simply giving us a call on 0203 026 3303!

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