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Working with You

We work hard to find you a suitable solution to getting paid whilst working on contract through an agency or directly with an end client. Asking the right questions and considering the answers you give, we gain a good picture to assess your situation and find out what it is you what to achieve through your contracting career. With our many years of experience and knowledge of the contracting market, our friendly team will track down the best payroll options available for you!

All the payroll providers that we work with are handpicked by us, and are vetted to make sure that they can provide the highest quality service.

Whether it’s an umbrella company or a limited company accountant you are looking for, we can give you options so that you can make the right decision for you with the confidence that the search and vetting have been carried out.

Our Promise

We promise to save you time and effort in tracking down the best payroll solution for you. With hundreds of providers advertising similar services it often boils down to what is happening behind the scenes. Reliability and professionalism of the service underpin our selections. How accessible is a point of contact? Will you be rung back without chasing? These are just some of the questions that we investigate before we place any provider on our Preferred Suppliers List.


A Friendly Voice in Your Contracting Journey

We appreciate the many situations you face when you work as a contractor. Constantly working on different client sites, taking on new contracts, saying goodbye to a client that you’ve enjoyed working with, completing a project, delivering a solution…it’s the constant change that you thrive on but sometimes it’s good to have a constant. At Umbrella Tracker our contractors come back to us when they have a question or what to revisit options. We’re always here for them and we will be here for you too.


Come and talk to us about your contracting and your payroll options.

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